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March 1, 2022

Falkbuilt: Sustainability

About half the waste in North American landfills is carted from construction sites. In conventional construction, trades cut materials to size on the jobsite and about 30% of the materials brought to site- including lumber and drywall-are thrown into construction bins that are hauled to the landfill. Falkbuilt avoids all of that, eliminating waste on site and reducing emissions for freight to site. Further, our compact manufacturing facility produces digital components that can be reconfigured and recycled at the end of the life cycle.

Falkbuilt has a compact 90,000 sq ft factory in Calgary, Alberta and is building 30,000 sq ft micro factories in strategic global locations, facilities with considerably smaller carbon footprints than other offsite manufacturers. Digital components are flat packed for shipping, substantially reducing emissions and cost related freight. With sustainability becoming a standard in the minds of many, we can assure you that Falkbuilt is at the forefront of driving change for this effort.